Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Last week was my first time entering the LPGA Qualifying Tournament known by many as "Q-School." I felt ready and was glad to have played both courses used in the 72-hole event several times, but I missed the cut at the end of the week by 2 shots. Though it is hard to describe the disappointment in not qualifying and continuing through the process, I know better than to leave focusing on any 2 of the shots I hit in the entire 72 holes. Instead, I review my performance from start to finish not to point to the cut line, but to learn what I need to improve to be at the top of the leaderboard. I kept a positive attitude through the rounds and tried not to think of results. I am proud of the decisions I made on each of the courses, with making simple pars my main course management goal. After some of my best ball-striking rounds there, I will be working hard to improve my short game on and around the greens. It was a wonderful experience that I know has better prepared me for events ahead and for entering the process next year. I learned an incredible amount about myself, course strategy, mental and physical skills in my 2 weeks in the desert; and I know I am surfacing from the experience a better player as a whole. I believe in my process and my work ethic, and I am very thankful for opportunities and those that support me! Score does not define me and I now look ahead to the challenge of adapting to changing conditions as I fly directly to Denver to play in the Colorado Open.

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 I had joked for months that rain follows me everywhere because so many of my tournaments had rain... Well in a desert that only receives 2"-3" of annual rainfall in the winter months, I practiced in one of the most bizarre storms I've ever experienced -which says a lot since I'm from Oklahoma! The bright sun was at my back in the pic below while I hit balls into a horizontal rain to an incredibly dark sky ahead of me with strong wind gusts and the most amazingly full double-layered rainbows I've ever seen. I wanted to find the pots of gold!

Driving range at 7am before one of the qualifying rounds.

This 26 foot tall statue downtown shows Palm Springs is proud of their "discovering" of Marilyn Monroe.

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