Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wedge work and preparation!

With a 72 hole tournament and the 1st stage of the LPGA Qualifying tournament on the horizon, I've been getting up close and personal with my wedges a lot lately. Short game should always receive the most attention, but in preparation for what can be very windy conditions in the desert in California, I've especially been working on controlling the trajectories of wedge and pitch shots of all distances. This also helps my golf swing with the other clubs in my bag because this kind of wedge practice ingrains good mechanics through the impact zone with compact swings. You can see in the pictures below that I've also been working on greenside bunker shots and overall balance and stability in my swing. You might be surprised how much practicing your wedges will help all types of shots in your golf game. Give it a try and comment below if you have any favorite wedge and pitch shot games or drills you like to do!

I'll be teeing it up in a Suncoast Series Qschool prep event August 18th-21st on the same 2 courses at Mission Hills CC that host 1st Stage, the Palmer and the Dinah Shore courses. Then I'll continue practicing in the desert until the 1st Stage of Qschool there August 27th-30th.
Wedge it close!


 Screenshots of some of my practice using the Ubersense App...


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