Thursday, July 18, 2013


Last week I went to Atlanta to learn about AimPoint from certified AimPoint Instructor, Kevin Roman. I had heard different opinions from many people about the system, but with the growing success of so many players on the PGA and LPGA Tours using it, I felt I really needed to learn more about it. I also knew that if nothing else, it could still help me understand slopes in greens better. Basically, AimPoint is a systematic approach to reading greens, with the assumption that all putts should be hit with the pace to stop by 10 inches past the hole. After determining a few things, the AimPoint charts tell you far outside the hole to aim the putt. The algorithm used to determine the amount of break in putts is so accurate it's scary! It is the same technology you may have seen on TV when the PGA Tour shows the colored line graphic that a player's putt is supposed to follow in order for them to hole it. While it may sound complicated, it actually is a fairly simple process that I got the hang of quickly and has heightened my feel on the greens.

Though I have only been doing the AimPoint process for 1 week, there is 1 thing I have identified about it that I already appreciate in the application to my game, decisiveness. As a player that tends to over think and over analyze at times, AimPoint seems to help me determine the amount of break of a putt more quickly so that I can simply focus on the hole before I stroke it. With the help of the AimPoint method reaffirming my reads of putts, I do not seem to doubt my line like I occasionally did more in the past. It still definitely takes commitment to the process and commitment to the line in order to hit a good putt, but after making the decision for the read from the AimPoint process I am able to engage the other side of my brain more easily when standing over a putt. By the other side of my brain, I mean the more athletic, less technical and less mechanical, side. I am excited to continue working on the new process and see how my putting improves. Anyone can accidentally mess up while gathering and analyzing information to read a putt, but anything that helps me make a comitted decision so that I then only "look--feel--react" when stroking the putt will likely be a helpful process. Trust the line and make everything! We'll see!

Next up, the Tennessee Open at Stonehenge Golf Club in Crossville, TN!


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